EVENTS (Events that happened 2018 onwards)

  • • Ecotourism Photography Competition 2020
  • • Inauguration of Gate No. 1 by Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath at Nakwa Bridge, Palia Dudhwa Road in February 2018
    • Completion of Gate No. 3 at Dudhwa Complex Guest House in 2018
    • Completion of Gate No. 2 at Dudhwa Turn, Dudhwa Forest Check Post in 2019
    • Completion of Gate No. 4 at Gauri Fanta in 2019
    • Signage at Palia Turn were put up in 2019
  • Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation started for the first time Online Booking of Chuka, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in May 2018.
  • Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation purchased 2 HDPE Motor Boats for Boat Safari at Katerniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Bahraich & Chuka, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Pilibhit.
    • Offline Booking started from November 2018
    • Online Booking started from May 2019.
  • Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation Employs Local EDC members as Drivers, Guides, Room Attendants, Cooks & Security personnel in ecotourism activities to enhance then economic conditions.
    The EDC members are annually trained in capacity building from reputed institutions, so that they can give quality output and also be aware about responsible ecotourism.
  • To promote the U.P. Ecotourism, Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation organized a seminar of Tour & Travel Operators of Uttar Pradesh at Lucknow on 13th December 2018.
  • Uttar Pradesh forest Corporation successfully organized Bird Festival 2019 at Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, Unnao on 2nd February 2019.
    Many National & International Bird watchers participated in the event and shared their wonderful experience with public.
  • The Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation has started Homestay Scheme in ecotourism with the help of U.P. Tourism Department, to helps the local people in enhancing their economic conditions. The eco friendly accommodation helps the tourists to enjoy local culture and cuisine, thus helping in this place in sustainable ecotourism and in mitigating the impacts on migratory species.
    Registration of 10 selected homestay providers done under Bed & Breakfast Scheme by the U.P. Tourism Department and certificates issued on 01/11/2019.