Kalinjar (Banda)

Kalinjar situated in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh is one of the major tourist attractions in the Bundelkhand region.Situated at a height of 700 ft. on the Vindhya ranges, The Kalinjar fort is accessible through seven gateways-the Alamgir Darwaza, Ganesh Dwar, Chauburji Darwaza, Buddhabhadra Darwaza, Hanuman Dwar, Lal Darwaza and Bara Darwaza.

Within the fort are two palaces-the Raja Mahal and the Rani Mahal, as well as several other places of interest. These include Sita Sej, a small cave containing a stone bed and pillow once used by hermits; a reservoir known as Patal Ganga; Pandu-Kund, where water trickles from the horizontal crevices of stratified rocks; Buddha-Budhi taal, whose waters are believed to possess healing qualities; Bhairon-ki-Jharia or Manduk Bhairon; the Mrigdhara or Antelope’s spring situated within an inner chamber of the rampart, and Koito Birth, which is an important place of pilgrimage where lepers are believed to be cured.

Visitor Attractions

  • Vindhya and Satpura Range
  • Kalinjar Fort
  • Adventure Tour