Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary: A Hub for Winged Guests

A virtual heaven for bird-watchers, nature lovers and those seeking a break from the humdrum city life. A perfect weekend destination, The Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, nestles in tranquil lush green stretch on 224.6 Hectare area of Unnao District in Uttar Pradesh. The sanctuary becomes a lively haven in winters to many international and national migratory birds like Garganey Teal, Mallard, Purple Moorhen, Little Grebe, Spoonbill Duck, Red Wattled Lapwing, Wigon and many many more winged guests.

The chirping & twittering of the birds resounds in the green bowers and gives the best ever melody to ears besides the sight of beautiful while spotted deer grazing nearby, somewhere in close affinity the spotless Bagula (Intermediate Erget) as if practicing meditation and a keen King Fisher making an impeccable and perfect dive for its prey underwater, making you forget all your worries and monotony of life.

If you are looking for a different and fun filled weekend, grab your binoculars, hop on the bicycle and set off on a 2.6 Km long cycle trail along the placid lake water and just see for your amazement how many species of birds and wildlife you spot in rainbow hues , bizarre shapes and life style.

Alternatively, you can take long walks along the Nature-Trails while admiring the awe inspiring natural beauty of the lake and its several islands that are home to our winged guests. Looking forward for making an interesting Face book cover or Nat Geo Cover? Clinch on to your DSLRs and climb up the watchtower or view-sheds for a breathtaking selfie background or if you are patient enough you might catch these birds striking prize-worthy poses for you---truly a photographer’s delight .

This charming calm world away from hustle bustle boasts of ensuring wildlife conservation while serving all lifestyle facilities to its visitors. The campus has a children’s park for your restless toddlers, a cafeteria with an exhaustive menu, an interpretation centre and a motel.

Destination Description

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is located on NH-25 (Lucknow-Kanpur High Way) about 43 Km. away from Lucknow, in Nawabganj Tehsil of district- Unnao, U.P. The area of sanctuary in about 225 Hectare. Sanctuary was declared by a notification on 2332.14-3-48-83, dated 07-08-1984.

The idea was to conserve birds, local as well as migratory and their habitat. About the lake of Nawabganj Sanctuary, it is said that while coming back "Parihar" to "Ayodhya" Lord Laxaman took rest for a day on this lake. During winter numerous verities of local and a large number of migratory birds can be seen. With the onset of spring season migratory birds starts going back which completes by the 2nd week of March. Open bill storks are the representative bird of Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary.


The Climate is like Gangetic plan temperature varies from 48°C in summer to 4°C during winter. Area experiences about 900 mm annual rain fall due to North-westerly winds.

Area (Geographical)

224.60 Hectares

When to Visit: December to February

  • Nearest Railway Station : Kusumbi (2 Km.)
  • Nearest Bus Station : Nawabganj (1 Km.)
  • Nearest Airport : Amausi (30 Km.)

Important Natural Attractions

Apart from Jheel a good stretch of forest is there to visit. Lucknow, a world famous tourist spot, manly 45 Km. away from Nawabganj. So visitor can enjoy Lucknow on day visit basis.

Wetland, Birding, Deer Park.

How to Get There

  • Since the bird sanctuary is situated on NH-25 one can easily reach there by any type of road transport, private or public.
  • Located in between the two major cities of Uttar Pradesh, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is 43 Kms from Lucknow and 44 Kms from Kanpur, in Unnao district. The sanctuary is along the National Highway 25 and thus has excellent road connectivity from both the mentioned cities and can easily be your next long-drive destination any time ,any season !

Best Time to Visit

November to February