Parwati Arga Wildlife Sanctuary

Destination Description

Situated near Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh, Parvati and Arga are two connected water bodies comprising an area of 1,084 ha.. They are rain-fed lakes in a deep natural depression in the Gangetic plains of the terai region. The Parvati Arga Sanctuary was established in 1997

Parwati Arga Bird Sanctuary is situated in Gonda District at a distance of 22 Kms from Ajodhya of District Faizabad and about 45 Kms. from Gonda city on Mankapur Nawab Ganj road and Mankapur Faizabad Railway line. Parwati Arga Bird Santuary was decleard vide Government Notification No. 1021/14-3-14/90 dated 23.05.1990. The Bird Santuary comprises of two laks i.e. Parwati and Arga situated about 1.5 Km a part. The lake is naturally able to sustain resident birds through out the year and migratory birds during winter season. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 693.82 Nature's, The sanctuary is under the administrative control of Sohelwa Wildlife Division whose head quarter is at Balrampur. Parwati and Arga wetland have not known to dry up. At few places the depth of the lake is about 20 Mtr. The biggest attractionof the sanctuary is the presence of varities of avian found. At least 153 Species of avifauna belonging to 33 families have been identified in the Parwati Arga wetland.

This sanctuary with its natural endowment is a potential ecotourism site in terms of providing facilities of bird conservation awareness, for education of student and public.


Climate Condition of the Sanctuary are like the Climate of Genetic Plane area. Average rain falls is 1700 MM in the Month of July to September. Maximum Temperature up to 450C rises in summer in the month of May and June whereas in the month of December and January the temperature goes down to 30C.

Cultural Aspect

The visitors may visit Mankapur I.I.T Factory to see the activities there. The visitors may also visit to Ajodhya. which has historical importance.

Area (Geographical)

The Bird Sanctury is compries of two Lakes is Parwati and Arga Situated about 1.5 Km a Part. Tikari reserve forest whose area is about 12,000 ha. is at about 1 km from the lake in Parwati arga Bird Sanctuary the distribution of Land is in 9 Villages.

Sl. No.Name of the villageArea in ha.
Arga Lake
Parwati Lake
Grand Total693.8212 ha

Amaldaramad of all Lands is 693.8212 ha has been completed. Average attitude of the wetland is 135 meter above MSL.


The Vegetation of the Sanctuary is representative of that of the indo-gangetive ecosystem. A total 136 Species of flora has been identified from the Sanctuary area whose details are summarized in the following table.

S.N.Category of FloraNumber of familiesNumber of Species
1Terrestrial Plants2033
5Lower Plants Algae, Fungi Phytoplankton3 (Classes)33


153 Species of avifauna belonging to 33 facilities have been identified from the Parwati Arga Wetland. Some are describe below.

Migatory Birds
  • Borheaded goose
  • Greylag Goose
  • Common coot
  • Paintail
  • Tufted Poachard
  • Ferruginoons
  • Red creasted Poacherd
  • Ruddy Shelduck
  • Gadwal
  • Shovelor
Resident Birds found in Parwati Arga Lake
  • Little cormorat
  • Darter
  • Whistking winged stift
  • Black headed Ibias
  • Bromze winged Jacana
  • Pheasant Tailed Jacana
  • Purple swanphen
  • Asian Openbill

Contact Numbers

Sl. No.

Name of the Institution

Phone Number


Chief Conservator of Forest wildlife East region Gonda.



Divisional Forest Officer Sohelwa wildlife division Balrampur



Forest Range Officer Parwati Bird Sanctuary Range- Gonda


Important Natural Attractions

This Sanctuary with its Natural endowment is a Potential ecotourism site in terms of providing facilities for bird conservation awareness for education of students and public, for outgoing of people in a natural settings and involvement of the local public in these antecedent activities.

Water Bodies, Birding

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Parwati Arga Bird Sanctuary is November to 15 March.

How to Get There

We can reach Parwati Arga Bird Sanctuary by and as wall by rail.

By Train-
  • Lucknow- Gorakhpur rail route. Lake is about 15 km from Mankapur Railway Station.
  • Mankapur- Faizabad railway route about 2 Km from Tikari Railway Station.
  • Lucknow- Faizabad rail route. About 30 Km from Faizabad Railway Station.
By Road-
  • Lucknow- Gonda- Faizabad road about 9 Km from Wazeerganj.
  • Lucknow- Gonda- Faizabad road about 10 Km from Nawabganj.
  • Lucknow- Gorakhpur road about 15 Km from Katra.
  • Gonda- Mankapur- Nawabganj road about 1.5 Km from Tikari.