Uttar Pradesh Ecotourism Policy (2014) is Based on the Following principles

Legal Framework

All ecotourism activities are to be in conformity with the spirit of existing environmental laws of the country, the wild Life (Protection ) Act, a1972, the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and the Environment(Protection) Rules, 1986 and notifications issued under it for eco-sensitive zones and guidelines of National Tiger Conservation Authority, Ministry of Environment & Forests Management Plan prescriptions and Guidelines issued by Government of India and Uttar Pradesh.

  • Ecotourism-

    Promotion acitivities in the state will be carried out according to the provisions of Zamindari abolition and land reforms Act, 1950 and other related Acts/rules/government orders.

  • Ecotourism-

    Related activities will be carried out in accordance with Environmental rules/acts, orders of Hon'ble Supreme court/High court and National Green Tribunal.

  • Ecotourism-Conservation Centric-

    Ecotourism plan for forest areas and nearby tourist destinations will be conservation centric and will be part of the working plan of the concerned forest division and management plan of the Protected Areas prepared according to the guidelines issued by the National tiger Conservation Authority(NTCA).

  • Ecotourism-Community Based-

    Emphasis will be on active participation of local communities and improving their economic conditions. The type and scale of ecotourism activities will be in consonance with environment and socio-cultural characteristic of the communities.

  • Ecotourism- Capacity Building -

    Capacity of the local communities and government institutions will be strengthened and developed for responsible and sustainable tourism through training in cultural heritage interpretation, hospitality, communication skills etc.


Eco-friendly infrastructure development- Emphasis will on Creation and Development of eco-friendly infrastructure at tourist destinations.


Multi stakeholder partenership will be key principle in promotion of ecotourism activities.


Creation of environmental awareness among all sections and age groups will be a major activity.


Marketing Strategies based on market survey and analysis with use of electronic, print media will be developed for each ecotourism destination.