Uttar Pradesh with its 16620 sq km forest area is home to some exquisitely beautiful landscapes, forest-vistas, meandering rivers and breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls and a large number of endangered birds and animals. There are forest dwelling tribes and communities who have maintained their traditions and culture while embracing modern technologies and life-styles. There is one national park, 11 wild life sanctuaries and 24 bird sanctuaries to provide protection to endangered biodiversity of the state. Some bird sanctuaries have been declared important bird areas by the Bombay Natural History Society.

It is our endeavor to showcase these natural treasures for the tourists with active participation of local communities so that the visitors can appreciate the grandeur and generosity of nature, understand importance of recycling and curbing consumption and imbibe the culture of nature and resource conservation. This form of responsible tourism is now known as eco-tourism. Uttar Pradesh Government with its strong commitment to conservation is promoting eco-tourism to the wilderness areas of the state.