Samaspur Bird Sanctuary

Samaspur bird sanctuary is restricted for preservation of bird species including various migratory birds and is located in Samaspur area near Salon town of Rai Bareli district of Uttar Pradesh. This sanctuary is not too large in area and has only a small area of 780 hectares.

This sanctuary was established in the year 1987. Exact location of the sanctuary is Rohaniya block of the district and far located at 122 kilometers from Lucknow to the city. In this sanctuary more than 250 bird’s species are naturally habited.

In the summer season, various migratory birds are also seen in this sanctuary. Though the general climate of this area is also hot and harsh but in comparison to other hot areas, birds find some relief in this area.

Having a fleet of more than 250 species, this sanctuary is one of the best and most liked birding destination. Vulture, Kingfishers, Spot Bill Teel common and Teel Whistling etc. have made the sanctuary as their permanent habitat. In this sanctuary, resident and domestic bird Surkhab is also found in large population. Accept the birds, more than 11 fish species are also find in the lake situated at Samaspur. Migratory birds come from more than 5000 kilometers far to spend some time in pleasant weather.

Destination Description

Samaspur Bird Sanctuary was created in 1987 with the aim of protection and conservation of the wetland with special emphasis to the local and migratory birds, conservation of their natural habitat including aquatic plants and animals. The Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai (BNHS) has also listed this Sanctuary as one of the 'Important Bird Area' sites. This wetland is included in the list of wetlands indefined under National Wetland Conservation Programme by the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India. Sanctuary consists of six lakes viz. Rohnia, Samaspur Hakganj, Mamuni, GorwaHasanpur and Bisaiya. Approximately 50 thousand water fowls visit this Sanctuary every year between the month of November to March. This Wetland serves as their habitat for nesting as well as breeding for some birds. Thus, this sanctuary has become an attractive destination for the bird lovers as well as tourists since several years.

Flora and Fauna

This sanctuary is unlucky in richness of floral property. Mango, Shesham and Mahuwa trees are grown in surrounding areas. A tall grass called “Sarpat” is also found in bunches at every spot. Medicinal herbs are found in this area but in little numbers. In the lake inside the sanctuary, there is water hyacinth spread badly. This vegetation is useful for underwater faunal property. Various types of grasses and trees are the natural habitat of the birds. Migratory birds like to take shelter in the grassy areas and often in high shrubs.

Underwater fauna is depending on the water hyacinth. Route of the hyacinth is a food chain to the fish species. Re-generation process of fish is also performed in the routes of this plant. Various reptiles have made their habitat in the routes of this plant.

Important Natural Attractions

A number of other Wetlands are there in Raebareli district which is worth visited.

Wetland, Birding

Culturer Aspect

Lucknow being not so far, so one can enjoy versatile historical and cultural heritages and hospitality of Lucknow on only a day tour basis.

Area Geographical

799.371 Hectares


The Climate is like Gangetic plan temperature varies from 46°C in summer to 4°C during winter. Area experiences about 900 mm annual rain fall due to North-westerly winds.

Contact Details

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How to Get There

Since the bird sanctuary is situated on SH-25 (Palia-Lucknow road) at a distance of 120 Km. from Lucknow in block/Tehsil Salon of district Raebareli, on Salon- Unchahar road and 40 Km. from Raebareli, Bholaganj Bazar is the spot which is connected to Samaspur by 4 Km. village road. Distance from Allahabad is 120 Km. and only 60 Km. from Pratapgarh So one can easily reach their by any type of road transport i.e. private or public.

How to Reach

This sanctuary is accessible from all the means of transportation:

By Air

Fursatganj is the nearest airport to reach this sanctuary. Airport is located at 23 kilometers from this sanctuary. Road transport services are available from Fursatganj airport. Though, Fursatganj airport is a training establishment and public flights are not landed there very often. Hence people prefer to de-board at Lucknow and then to travel to this sanctuary by road. Only 1 hr 45 minute road journey is needed to reach here.

By Train

Unchahar is the nearest railway station and located at 14 kilometers from this sanctuary. From railway station, road services are easily available to reach this place. Major trains of B.G. are well linked by this station from all parts of the country. Rai Bareli can also be boarded/de-boarded.

By Road

National Highway Number 22 is the main route to reach this sanctuary. Lucknow-Varanasi road is well connected to this sanctuary. From Lucknow, this sanctuary is located on 122 kilometers distance. Local taxies and tourist cabs are frequently available to reach Samaspur bird sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit

November to March