Vijay Sagar Bird Sanctuary(Mahoba)

1- Destination Description

Vijay Sagar Bird Sanctuary is located in Mahoba, and its Divisional Head Quater at mirzapur. The Total Geographical is 262.20 ha. is it well connected by road & Rail, nearest railway station is Mahoba, Allahabad - Jhansi train rout. we can accesses by road from Allahabad & Jhansi nearest airport is Khajuraho. In the Sanctuary area we can see Birds , Black neked crane, Harnibills, Coots, Darters, Painted Stark, Brahmi duck Lesser whistling ducks etc. In Flora Bamboo, Palas, Khair etc. or found there.

Vijya Sagar Pakshi Vihar is a bird sanctuary in Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh. It has been developed on the shores of Vijay Sagar, a charming lake built by Vijay Pal Chandela during the 11th century. Vijay Sagar is ideal for water sports. The migratory birds flock here in winter.

2- Representative photograph of area

3- Road Map of the Area

4- Area (Geographical)

Longitude— E 79° 68' 20" to E 79° 79'50"
Latitude— N 25° 15''18"to N 25° 18''20"

5- Best time to Visit

Visiting season starts from November to February. Best Season for sighting & visiting November to March.

6- Climate

Vijay Sagar Bird Sanctuary is situated near Mahoba distt. head quater. Summer-Temp varies from 270c to 450c . Winter- Temp varies from 60c ton 260 c. Rains are frequent during Monsoons.

7- Fauna

Birds , Black neked crane, Harnibills, Coots, Darters, Painted Stark, Brahmi duck Lesser whistling ducks. etc.

9- Flora

Bamboo, Palas, Khair etc.

7- How to get there

Vijay Sagar Bird Sanctuary can be access form road & Rail Nearest railway Station is Mahoba. It is well connected from Allahabad & Jhansi by road & Rail Nearest Airport is Khajuraho it is 70 km. away from is Mahoba.

8- Important Natural Attractions

Migratary birds from tibbat, China, Europe & Siberiya.

Steep and rugged hills of Kaimur range, Fort, Scenic Beauty.

9. Cultural Aspect

Kajri Mela & Makar Sankranti.

10- Contact Numbers


Name of Institution


Phone Number


D.F.O. Kaimoor Wild Life Division

Ghurahoopatti, Jogiyabari Road, Mirzapur, U.P.



Wild Life warden

Ranipur WL Sanctuary Karvi, Chitrakoot



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Booking for Dudhwa National Park, Motipur, Kakraha and Katerniaghat are open. Visit to forest area is permitted now.